Sagittarius Daily Fun Fact

Sagittarius Daily Fun Fact - true that. They are unbelievably stubborn even when they are in the wrong

sagittarius-why i try to keep my cool because i know i can alter a person forever, and thats not okay.

Actually I know how much my words or sentences can hurt you. So please dont make me enraged. I bet you dont want to know how much evil I am.

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Yes I come off as hypocritical or overly spontaneous, I apologize, I cannot help it.

Sagittarius fact

The secrets and lies make me lose interest from one moment to the next. Sagittarius tend to see through bullshit so although we may let you take enough rope, we always know you'll end up hanging yourself. We'll wait for it.

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Sagittarius today's fact

Sagittarius today's fact