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BEST 10 day cleanse. NO starving, you actually learn how to eat properly on this cleanse! yay!

How to Actually Lose Weight Fast & Properly Today (Top 5 Real Proven Ways) You Really Need to Know

Iron that comes from animal products is not good for humans because it gets stored by the body as ''iron reserves," but the human body cannot use that kind of iron properly, and it has been linked to diabetes, heart disease and other health problems (especially heme iron that's found in red meat).

Greatist - Bad At Yoga

Juice plus weight loss... Helps you change the way you eat for good #fruitandveg #theRightNutrition #celebritybod

Something to remember if you find yourself snacking throughout the day! It's important to separate your body’s need for nutrients from the desire to eat. How much you eat has little to do with how hungry you are! It's nutrients that your body is asking for. Make sure you've got a good balance of protein, complex carbs, veggies and healthy fats at meal times so that you feel properly satisfied.

"Let your food be your medicine." - so true, learn how to properly fuel and feed your body, and it will return the favor with good health.

Healthful Foods to Eat During a Swim Taper

Your energy needs decrease during a swim taper -- the period before a key meet in which you drop off training significantly to give your body a rest. The result of a taper is stronger, refreshed muscles and a boost in cardiovascular performance for competition. Optimal foods during a swim taper are those that provide adequate energy for the...

How To Lose Weight Without Really Trying

Top 8 foods for burning fat and losing that weight! 1. Apples – An apple a day keeps the extra pounds away. Apples are high in fiber and low in cholesterol. They also contain non-digestible compounds that promote the growth of good bacteria in your g