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" Distill the life that's inside of me " " Distillo la vita che è dentro di me" From to " Pennyroyal Tea " ( Nirvana, Kurt Cobain ) .

This makes me laugh every time

Nirvana & Charles Barkley hahaa dave grohl freaking out

Hahah :) / iFunny :)

Are there really that many disabled elderly pregnant children that they need their own toilet? What if you're only a disabled, pregnant child? Do you have to use the next stall?

Jim Carey about Napalm Death is some funny SHIT! http://localmusicplay.com/main/549/ @JimCarey @METALMUSIC @Music @localmusicplay

There's no way you could tell me both Ace Ventura AND the Mask are wrong. Side note: anyone else really wish Jim Carrey had fronted a grind/death metal band?

Sometimes the solutions are that simple. A win for the Russians. < However, when the lead broke it could get into and damage air regulation units, prompting the USA to do further research

Nasa spends millions to invent a pen that works in space.the Russians just used a pencil instead.

Dad, I like Megadeth. Metallica sucks!

That is too damn funny, James' (from Metallica) daughter holding a Megadeth cd. omg I'm dying