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Louis Tomlinson

Oh look at Mario he's so cute, oh look your here too Lou! Joking girls Louis pretty damn cute too!

Night, Louis Tomlinson

The Barney look: #Swag is for boys, #Class is for men... like One Direction... Especially in suits...

Louis' transformation within 3 years. He went sweet and innocent to older and mature to a bad boy type. Nothing wrong with it, I just realized it

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Louis's perfect photo bomb, I want to be famous so I can do this to reporters/newspeoples.!


Louis Tomlinson just photo-bombed the X Factor hosts on national TV

Bad bitch I'm actually debating whether I should put this under LT or 1D funny

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Today was Johannah's wedding! Louis, Harry, and Liam attended. Lou was also a guest and Liam brought Sofia! Eleanor and Lottie were pictured wearing bridesmaid gowns! Zayn didn't seem to be there though.

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Louis Tomilson! #LouisTomilson

GL gets the inside scoop from One Direction member Louis Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson Louis Tomlinson Louis Tomlinson One Direction One Direction One Direction