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Down To Earth (2001)  ➩ online sa prevodom

Down To Earth ➩ online sa prevodom

The Other Guys...love this movie!

The other guys 2010 movie will ferrell other guys mark wahlbe. Sinopsis film the other guys.

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25 Movies That Are Now 10 Years Old

Old School Blu-ray (Unrated) Starring Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn. A trio of thirty-something buddies tries to recapture the outrageous, irrepressible fun of their college years by starting their own off-campus frat house.

Spectral Netflix Movie Poster

Free Full Hd Movies To Watch Online. A sci-fi/thriller story centered on a special-ops team that is dispatched to fight supernatural beings.

The Mexican is a romantic, action comedy about a man who must choose between his girlfriend or having to make a trip to Mexico to bring back a gun named the Mexican for his mob boss. The dialog is witty and the acting is very good, not Oscar worthy but with Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and James Gandolfini, you only need their good enough to make the movie worthy of watching.

The Mexican (2001)

2001 A man tries to transport an ancient gun called The Mexican, believed to carry a curse, back across the border, while his girlfriend pressures him to give up his criminal ways.

Superb - a must see!

Apocalypto Rudy Youngblood, Dalia Hernández) As the Mayan kingdom faces its decline, the rulers insist the key to prosperity is to build more temples and offer human sacrifices. Jaguar Paw, a young man captured for sacrifice, flees to avoid his fate.


Monster-in-Law (2005)

"Monster-in-Law" by Robert Luketic The love life of Charlotte is reduced to an endless string of disastrous blind dates, until she meets the perfect man, Kevin. Unfortunately, his merciless mother will do anything to destroy their relationship.

The Man from Earth (2007) Poster

The Man from Earth (2007)

The Man from Earth - An impromptu goodbye party for Professor John Oldman becomes a mysterious interrogation, in this movie adapted from a story by acclaimed Sci-Fi writer Jerome Bixby, his last great work, finally completed on his deathbed in April of

Muchos filmes de suspenso psicológico juegan con las mentes de los espectadores simplemente para desenmarañar un argumento inescrutable. Premonition logra ese objetivo. Hasta incluye varias escenas que involucran cuervos graznando, cielos oscuros y tormentas eléctricas para realzar la atmósfera de presagio. A diferencia de la mayoría de películas de éste género, también entrega mensajes sorprendentemente positivos respecto a la fidelidad y la familia.

Premonition Housewife Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) is devastated when her husband (Julian McMahon) dies suddenly in a car crash. But when he reappears the next day as if nothing had ever happened, she realizes the tragedy might have just been a pr

The Internship... Surprisingly good

Here’s the new trailer for the Shawn Levy-directed comedy, The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. You know, Wedding Crashers stars Vaughn a