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Sometimes when the people you love hurt you the most. It's better to stay quiet because, if your love wasn't enough ... Do you think your words will matter ?

Sometimes when the people you love the most hurt you the most. it's better to stay quiet because if your love wasn't enough - do you think your words will matter?

Couple's Sleeping Positions

Couple's Sleeping Positions

Funny pictures about How couples sleep. Oh, and cool pics about How couples sleep. Also, How couples sleep.

The lessons are in the struggle! I struggle with this all the time, constantly having to remind myself that they need to learn how to make difficult choices and that they can be strong in difficult times. For the difficult times and difficult choices will always come.

Robert A.So true, adults of today are ruining their kids.There thing you can do for your children is to quit making their life so easy! You are creating the "ENTITLEMENT" generation and they will be worthless as an adult.

Queen You Are!                                                       …

You survived what you thought would kill you. Now straighten your crown and move forward like the Queen you are.

narcissistic sociopath - Google Search

I do not care if you were born this way or if you are a product of a difficult past. You destroy lives. THAT is what YOU DO KNOW!

Veronica on Instagram: This. Quotes About Moving On

No way could I even begin. I'd be a blubbery mess. No way will I ever be over him either

"Narcissists can be quite bothersome.  If you’re mired in a relationship with one, you may feel you’ve ceased to exist because you can barely excuse yourself to the restroom without passing a..."

3 Ways to Get a Narcissist to Leave You Alone