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Japanese Harajuku,Japan Street,K Fashion,Street Fashion,Harajuku Style,Visual Kei,Japanese Style,Lolita,Tokyo Ringo’s look includes a jacket, net top and puffy skirt plaid skirt all from h.NAOTO, striped garter socks, and chunky spiked heels from Yosuke USA. Accessories include a labret piercing, multiple ear piercings, a plaid headpiece, a skeleton hands necklace, a studded leather choker, a Vivienne Westwood armor ring, an eyeball ring, other silver rings, and Algonquins backpack.

Plaid h.NAOTO Fashion, Striped Socks, Studded Heels & Piercings in Harajuku (Tokyo Fashion News)

MAIKO Harajuku, Tokyo Kinari SPRING 2012, GIRLS Kjeld Duits STUDENT, 17  Cardigan – K. Ross Blouse – tomatsu Skirt – N/A Shoes – Bodyline

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ストリートスナップ [PELI] | 原宿 | cute hair,sleek outfits

ストリートスナップ原宿 - PELIさん

ストリートスナップ [PELI] | 原宿 | cute hair,sleek outfits

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I love these kind of pictures :)

Ulzzang,Korean Fashion

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Something beyond what I'm used to: Tokyo Fashion! Here's Moco, the designer behind the indie fairy kei brand Strawberry Planet! Moco is wearing a bunny ears cape from Angelic Pretty with & lots of kawaii accessories.