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I will probably have this inked over my heart area of my chest or it will be intertwined within all the pictures of the sleeve.

Gary Allan "The One" - Hands down, my fave GA song EVER. If I had to pick a song to describe every aspect of my journey with Scott, this would be "The One"

One of the cruelest things you can do to hurt someone in my opinion.  If I ignore you know that it's the meanest I can be to you

Not sure of this is true but it sometimes feel to be. Emotional neglect is a trauma. That explains why being ignored hurts SO much! I vow to make it a goal to NOT ignore other people so that they do not feel this way.

I'm single, don't pity me. I'm not lonely, I chose to be single, because I'm done. Done settling. Done dating shitty men. I know what I want and I know that I deserve. And I don't mind waiting for it.


I hate the moment when suddenly my anger turns into tears. Sometimes my tears turn into anger though. But honestly I can go through so many emotions in one tiny piece of time.