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Mark twain

"Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool.


Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons. For you are crunchy and good with ketchup. Love this, except I don't like ketchup! Mustard would work.

Bill Hicks. He was a great comedian. Oh, a funny man.  A joke teller.    No. A philosopher who taught with humour.

Exactly what Abe, bashar and neville teach - better to have your own experience/knowing though x

Hunter S. Thompson---''Timothy Leary and I kept the same hours. He believed, as I do, that After midnight, all things are possible''

Hunter S. Thompson - quote -Timothy Leary and I kept the same hours. He believed, as I do, that “After midnight, all things are possible.

Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks - I know my very first picture on this board was Bill. He's so important to me, I had to include him again.

You don't prove you're a Christian by wearing jewelry.  It's about living the life!

Christians wear crosses to id each other, that way they know who no to oppress.

Piece of shits who actually believed republicans would make anything great...liar... liaaaaars

Evils of Fox "News" Shameful Republican +Fox propaganda. LYING to the Ignorant Sheeple!

If the Book of Mormon was true there would be tons of evidence of the civilization. Ask a non Mormon archaeologist, it never happened.