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One father can feed seven children, but seven children cannot feed one father. ~Cameroonian African Proverbs

To my Son, the pure reflection of myself, the hope of a better tomorrow. I am your shield, and I am the sword that shall defend your future! l love you!

History, Religion, Recycled Mythology, Christianity, Trinity. Father, Mother, & Child. The Original Holy Trinity. European and Arab invaders obviously have problems with the female and removed her altogether from their perversions of our ancestor's spirituality or replaced her with a ghost... Wake up, wise up, rise up! God's not real.

Com lindas fotos, pai e filha exaltam beleza dos cabelos afro

Com as fotos, eles mostram ao mundo que a verdadeira beleza está em se sentir bem consigo mesmo, independente dos padrões estéticos impostos.

Kenya - Kikuyu People - Kikuyu Girl, 1950s. The Kikuyu are the largest ethnic group in Kenya. They speak the Bantu Kikuyu language as a mother tongue. The term Kikuyu is the Swahili form of the native pronunciation Gĩkũyũ. Group members refer to themselves as the Agĩkũyũ. Gĩkũyũ literally means a huge sycamore tree and Agĩkũyũ thus literally refers to the children of the huge sycamore.

Stacy Dash. Got mad when they referred to her as "the black girl". (Not black because your father is Mexican?) Stacy, study the Olmecs (African tribes) from Mexico. Girl, bye!!