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Percy Jackson 12-17 bottom to top. Annabeth and him are too cute from I guess we're friends to denying they like each other to  in love

The evolution of Percabeth this made me tear up a little because think about all those years of percabeth and cringing but in the end your so proud of our Percabeth>>>I love how they included their gray streaks most fanart doesnt

Percy and Annabeth then and now altho i think shes not so serious considering percys rubbed off on her

Scarlet and wolf, Cinder and Kai<<<I'm pretty sure this is young Percabeth and older Percabeth.

I don't know why, but I loves this

**MoA spoiler** BAHAHAHA and this is why Percabeth will always be my OTP in this fandom. XD <- This is my favorite moment from MOA. I love how she drops it and Percy is just "Seems strange.

Annabeth is seriously my hero. That was some Indiana Jones crap down in Arachne’s lair.

Haha, I love when PJO and Harry Potter fandoms unite. Together, Hermione and Ron make up Annabeth. << Harry and Ron make up percy. Fred and George make up the stoll brothers…one lost in battle as well…

Leo, Nico, Piper, Jason, Percy, Annabeth, Hazel, and Frank

Heroes of Olympus: Leo Valdez Nico di Angelo Piper Mclean, Jason Grace Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase, Hazel levesque, and Frank Zhang


Percy Jackson: the Pen is Mightier than the Sword. (Does anyone notice that his shirt says 'Camp Halfies'?

Nico vs. Reyna

"pjo" -

magileine: lilisdrawing is a darling and asked for a friendship from HoO, and I picked these two because I’m biased ^^ >>> Cute Nico and Reyna friendship scene.