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Basinius Parmensis, Hesperis ["Basinii Parmensis Hesperidos" libri XIII] 1450-1500

The Norya/Aquaria royal tent. Arthur Miharu are the only two in it. It's over by the lake, where Arthur's tent was when he and Miharu first met. Both children got left back in Aquaria.

?? Artwork possibly by Eero Jarnefelt (b.8 Nov 1863 d.15 Nov 1937), Finnish realist painter. Leads to a SCA research blog about Medieval tents. Pic = Medieval Tent in Basel museum (Kunstmuseum, Basel, Switzerland. Website:

Medieval tent - This is what our new bell wedge tent will look like when we finally get it :) I can't wait to paint it!

Medieval Wedge Striped Tent - adore the design, with a bit of upgrading, could be perfect for my double bell! LOVE the motto posted above the door!! Black stripes, exchange crosses for burgundy ermine, add a little more arches inbetween seams...and viola! I believe I have figure it out!! (FINALLY)