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I AM THE ONE WHO FALLS (by Charlotte Clothier) http://lookbook.nu/look/4561309-I-AM-THE-ONE-WHO-FALLS

For Every Woman Who Hates Her Stomach #refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/vbo-plus-size-positivity#slide-1 Baby's first pencil skirt! Here I am, posing on the outside, squealing on the inside, because there is nothing more nerve-racking than standing on the sidewalk thinking everyone in New York City is starting at your gut. This is a good time to remember that most people in the world are not all that concerned with you, let alone what you wore to work that day. But, I sure liked…

All black Cache dress with silver accent open back Worn once for Prom and don't need it is very comfortable. I am a size 6 but the four fits me perfectly also it fit my friend who's a size 2! Cache Dresses Backless

Fashion || Slogan Tee's - not just for teens. I have always had a love-hate relationship with wearing Slogan T-shirts. They bring back flashbacks of my misguided attempts of style during my teenage years where the words on my clothing were as offensive and rebellious as possible and all attention was deemed to be good attention. It appears that it wasnt only me who struggled to style a slogan Tee back in the day Britneys famous 2007 breakdown showed her sporting a hot-pink shirt a good…

I love this skirt! I am hoping I can wear it for the rest of my pregnancy, but it is a fabulous skirt for anyone who likes a comfy skirt. The top can be rolled up too, or you can wear it as a dress! Totally worth the money.

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