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And when you come to a fork in the road, well, take it. Because, hey, free fork.

And for the ones who truely know me. You know how very hard that is for me. Lol

Sometimes, my greatest accomplishment is just keeping my mouth shut.ok, MOST of the time

Marines Toms. $100.00, via Etsy.

USMC - Marines - Devil Dogs - Leathernecks - Grunts - Jarheads - Semper Fi - Marine Love - Oorah - Marine Clothing - Marine Style Shoes- love them I must have!

To my brother Jay and those in the military, thank you for your service ♥

To my brother Jay and those in the military, thank you for your service &

this WOULD have been fantastic.. except... these are NOT marines... this is the army. Know your camouflage people

Keep Calm and love our Marines this would be perfect but these are SOLDERS. i still love my marine brother


They deserve our prayer and support because they are laying down their life so that we can be free! Thank you, to all Soldiers and their Families for your sacrifice!

dave grohl & jordyn blum

Dave Grohl puts his California beach house on the market for $3million

dave grohl & jordyn blum


This is me . James thinks I am ridiculous. I’m not. I’m cold. I sometimes joke that I am part bear, because when the cold weather arrives, I go into full…