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Are you or your kids not as familiar with your Bibles as you'd like to be? Here are some strategies to "Sharpen Your Sword"! | Pryor Convictions Media

Respecting the Elderly: A Study of Ruth | Free online Bible lesson for kids with application activities

New Proverbs study for kids! 13 lessons covering topics such as choosing good friends, family relationships, money, our words, stubbornness and more. | Pryor Convictions Media

Newly revised Genesis Bible curriculum for kids! | Pryor Convictions Media

Is it enough if our kids "technically obey"? Or can their hearts be trained for total obedience? This blog post explores the 3 Ways of Total Obedience. | Pryor Convictions Media

Are you able to defend your faith? More importantly, are your kids equipped to do so? This post shares my son's experience and also provides tips on teaching your children to be ready to defend the faith. | Pryor Convictions Media

Our newest Bible curriculum for kids in the "Growing Up in God's Word" series - Fiery serpents, a talking donkey, and much more in a 13 lesson study of the book of Numbers.

Sometimes it's the teacher who needs to learn a lesson or two... (Posted in Women's Corner at Pryor Convictions Media)