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Charles Meynier (November 25, 1763 or 8, Paris - September 6, 1832, Paris), a French painter.Mercury

''Hermes-Mercury'' by Hendrik Goltzius (1558 – 1617), a Dutch printmaker, draftsman, and painter. Hendrick Goltzius' larger-than-life portrait of Mercury as a painter gives us the opportunity to interpret an image certain that it is a self-representation of the "divine" painter. Mercury, an inventor of the arts, sits with his paintbrushes and palette in one hand and a caduceus doubling as a mahlstick in the other. Such double meaning is very common, though still little-known.

Corrado Giaquinto - Argos and Mercury. Tags: argus, argos, mercury, mercurius, hermes, io, transformations, metamorphoses,

Pandora by Charles-Amable Lenoir (22 October 1860–1926) was a French painter. Like his mentor, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, he was an academic painte

Stock Photo #1746-1482, Hermes, Greek god (Mercury in Roman pantheon) messenger of the gods, god of roads and travellers, holding his caduce...