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Harry Styles fans swarm tiny town in Dorset to try and catch a glimpse of the star filming World War two drama Dunkirk

1D fans hoped to catch a glimpse of the star

A Prayer for Guidance

Dear lord I need guidance in my whole life. I also need guidance this week as I try to make purchases toward my future and retirement. Only allow me to be successful if its your will God.

When you seek God in prayer, you will see things more clearly. The Spirit helps you set priorities and discover direction in your life. Let this prayer help you for when you feel lost.

If you need direction and an answer to your prayers, then put these steps into practice! Learn more about getting the direction you need from God here:

Big decision is abt job. I'm asking, reviewing & consulting abt it. Need to buy a car, give it a try for new job, if all good then i need to quit current job & sell my car too. Thank you for praying for me. I believe all the best will come to me as you pray for it :)

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Roman Catapults, one my kids can make with almost no help

There's only one direction... up. A prayer for when you feel lost or confused.

Harry Styles Will Give Acting a Shot in Christopher Nolan’s World War II Movie, Dunkirk

One Direction heart-melter Harry Styles is getting into the acting business