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So this happened: Shit Homophobic People Say - Unfortunately, this is not a spoof, but real commentary by antigay public figures. I expected somnething better from a woman.

We shouldn't lie because once we start a lie, we have to go deeper and deeper and deeper, which will make us more unconfident as we say it. And once it gets bigger, at the end you won't know how to handle it. You just become this bad person.

Content Marketing: Recognizing The Line Between Promotion And Deception

Every Republican Senator said NO to Equal Pay for Women!

Every Republican senator voted against equal pay for women in today's Paycheck Fairness Act Vote. Hold them accountable by sharing the Equal Pay Wall of Shame. The War Against Women is *real*

Because the people of Massachusetts know the truth about his record there!

Massachusetts knows the real Mitt. He's down by 25 points here .


Ron Paul: Unless the Fed is Stopped, America Will “Soon Experience Major Economic Crisis”