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The homophone pairs that are in this unit are:ball-bawleight-ateblue-blewflour-flowerwon-onehare-hairknight-nightnose-knowsmale-mailpair-pearwitch-whichsent, scent, centflew-flusail-salesee-seahorse-hoarsebee-beplane-plainmeet-meattoe-towson-sundear-deertheyre-their-therebuy-by-byeant-auntwait-weighthear-herebare-bearhole-wholeweak-weekeye-Iwrite-rightmaid-madewaist-wasterain-reignto-two-tooyour- you're* Page 3- Homophone Definition PosterPage 4-Homophone Chart for Guided ReadingPages…

The homophone pairs that are in this unit are: ball-bawl eight-ate blue-blew flour-flower won-one hare-hair knight-night nose-knows male-mail pair-pear

So meaningful and everyone should contemplate on it!

Five Finger Retell! Retelling is a great comprehension strategy in reading. This allows the student to know the important things to state in a retelling of a story. And, relating it to their own hand is something a student can remember.

compound sentences

This is a fun way to teach compound sentences! It is a great and creative way to show children how two sentences are properly joined together. It allows children a way to understand the concept in a visual way!

Citing Textual Evidence Chart from Roz Linder blog! Also included steps to incorportate into your classroom.

Citing Textual Evidence: Moving Beyond Listing

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Making an Undiscovered Planet

Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Making an Undiscovered Planet Use a styrofoam ball and an old CD to make a ringed planet.

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Teaching's a Hoot!: Word Family & Anchor Chart Fun This will come in handy when reading with the kids!

when two vowels go walking...the first one does the talking

Terhune's First Grade Site!: Anchor Charts Such a cute idea that kids most likely will remember!

Guest Blogger - Ideas for bulletin boards and anchor charts

I like the idea of an antonym chart. The first like can read: are opposites; then they can make up the antonyms for each letter. (See synonym chart)