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Pigeon Columbidae Bird Flying in Cloud Sky

This is a Pigeon flying through the sky with beautiful clouds in the background. Photo is a composite using my Cloud Background Package which I will make available soon.

Sunray from Heaven Through Cloud in Sky

A beautiful heavenly sunray bursting through the clouds with a bright blue sky. Three exposure HDR photography image shot over West Palm Beach, Florida.

White Egret Inflight

White egret bird flying with pastel pink background composited in Photoshop and enhanced with Topaz Plugins.

Gloria Aleluya Brooklyn Tabernacle Pista

Burst of Warm Rays from Clouds Sunrays Beam of Light Clouds

Soccer Field Outdoor Sports with Sunrays Clouds in Sky

Patriotic American Flag Blue Sky with Clouds

HDR tone mapped image of an American Flag with sun in the background during a blue sky with beauitful clouds. Single exposure HDR photo processed using Photomatix Pro.

Breathtaking Glorious Sunrays through Clouds

Beautiful Sunrays a few days ago while I was at the park doing some timelapse. I love photographing these sun rays as the burst from the clouds.

Spoonbill Flying Through Pink Sky by  Kim Seng

Bird Sky Composite done in Photoshop using a Spoonbill shot and a cloud from my archive at HDRWorkshop.


Hillsboro Lighthouse at Pompano Inlet Florida

Plums of Smoke from Factory

This is the sugarcane refinery factory in Belle Glade, Florida release large plums of smoke pollution into the environment. Single exposure HDR image tone mapped in Photomatix Pro.

Sandhill Crane Bird at Port St Lucie Lake

Sandhill Crane at the lake during sunset at Port St Lucie at the Tradition in St Lucie County, Florida.


HDR Photography Image of Sandhill Crane Port St Lucie


MacArthur Beach Park Sunset at Lagoon

What a beauty!

'Boat Going Fishing During Sunrise at the Pompano Inlet, Florida' - photo by Captain Kimo


Sunrise at Palm Beach Island Ocean Florida