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When Someone Reads Your Text & Ignores


This looks like fun! Dollar bills could sure use more silly faces.

For Him, Anonymous


This always happens at the movies:

Everyone does this when giving advice: & 25 other funny photos

haha i love kat williams!

Kat William (from )

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This is so accurate

This is why I bring one nice and one crappy pen to work with me

When you're trying not to cough and you already coughed twice but you don't want people to think you have Ebola.

Funny memes Hardest to supress.

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This is so me every time!!!!

The cheerleaders life

I would so watch this version of Twilight

The Internet Keeps Photoshopping Mr.Bean Into Everything and It's Hilarious

Twilight - Edward Cullen & Bella Swan (Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart)

Admit it, now u wanna do it too.

Luke, Narnia, and Sparta.

Four to Seven Business Days, They Said.When you had hoped it was but it’s looking like it’s gonna be


Funny pictures about Miley Bieber Or Justin Cyrus. Oh, and cool pics about Miley Bieber Or Justin Cyrus. Also, Miley Bieber Or Justin Cyrus photos.