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Apart from your sash clamps falling over, the other infuriating thing is that clamping blocks never, ever seem to stay where they’re put. No matter how hard you try, they slip and slide about&#8230…

When your clamps haven’t got enough ‘reach’ it can be very difficult to apply pressure in the middle of a wide project. Here’s a simple way to apply that pressure by using the flexible bending prop…

Top Tips (Video) – Gluing a large framework – The Knowledge | Axminster Tools & Machinery

Cord-Keeper Handle | cut the dowel to length, drill a hole through its center, form a loop with the rope, pass the ends through the dowel, and tie a knot. The keeper makes a great handle for carrying and can be used as a hook for hanging the coiled cord.

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How to Make Your Own Elastic Extension Cord Wrap

Custom extension cord wraps made easy