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Tribal Ceremony, African woman, African ceremonial costume

Young Wodaabe Man, Niger Niger’s Wodaabe men decorate their faces and dance for hours to impress female judges. Photography by Steve McCurry

Африканская красотка

Daasanach tribe girl - Omorate Ethiopia- i think she's beautiful even though she has bottle caps, mud and a watch band in her hair.

Mongolian Headdress

BEAUTY WITHOUT BORDERS: Mongolian headdress. One of the most colorful and original items of Mongolian national dress is the traditional head wear. The Mongolian headdresses differs in shape and purpose.

Persian People | Iranian | People from our lovely Earth...

Traditional dress of Iran: A product of the glorious Persian heritage

Samburu Tribe - Kenya | From the series: Before they pass away by Jimmy Nelson

"Before They Pass Away," series of the world's remotest tribes, members of the nomadic cattle-herding Samburu Tribe of The Rift Valley in northern Kenya photographed by Jimmy Nelson, 2010


I really like this teal wrap she has- it makes you focus on the woman's face. Maybe even just use a teal scarf around the neck.

Black and beautiful

Why do people view us Dark Black African females as being physically disadvantaged when it comes to beauty ?


78 Traditional Costumes from around the World ...

Faces of Mongolia. The traditional headwear of Mongolian ethnic group from Ordos. Displayed during a cultural festival in Hohhot, capital of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Australia | 'Ready to dance'  Aboriginal man | © Lillian Okorn

Culture - An native Australian, who are called Aborigines. During my trip, we will be learning about the Aborigines and experience the culture.