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I really wanna kill my best friend right now but these donuts look good

Santa Monica Mediterranean cuisine near the famous 3rd street promenade.

Z Garden

Chicken Kebab Plate from Z Garden in Santa Monica, CA

@jennlitterer...I like this concepts but it could be done better.

Don't eat a lot of fast food but I gotta admit, I do love a good stack of fries

Bobby Flay's Rules for Cooking Porterhouse Steak - Bon Appétit. Unorthodox but if Bobby Flay and Peter Luger Steakhouse swear by this method, that's good enough for me!

Bobby Flay's Rules for Cooking Porterhouse Steak

Perfect Porterhouse Steak - Bon Appetit With a steak this thick, you need to season liberally; when chef Bobby Flay demonstrated for us, the surface of the meat was virtually white from salt.


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Japanese Curry Rice カレーライス、夏野菜オリーブオイル焼き、サラダ。 #おうちごはん - @hrk_hsmr- #webstagram

Japanese Curry Rice カレーライス、夏野菜オリーブオイル焼き、サラダ。 #おうちごはん - @hrk_hsmr- #webstagram

Paksiw na Bangus is also referred to as “milkfish stewed in vinegar“. Filipinos just love cooking their main dishes in vinegar. Paksiw is a way of cooking fish with water and vinegar, garlic, ginger, salt, peppercorns, finger chilies or siling pang sinigang. Some regions would prefer their versions of Paksiw with Sauce while others reduce the sour mixture and cooking until it is almost dry. The kind of fish that is usually used in making paksiw is Bangus or Milkfish. The freshness of the…

Paksiw na Bangus

Paksiw na Bangus referred to as "milkfish stewed in vinegar". Filipinos just love cooking their main dishes in vinegar. Try Our Paksiw na Bangus recipe now.

Japanese meal served in a bamboo (take) basket.

Sakura Bento *Sakura rice ball: rice, glutinous rice, pickled cherry blossoms, salt *Braised hijiki seaweed and daizu beans *Simmered pumpkin *Simmered ganmodoki *Japanese omelet with shungiku leaves *Boiled broad beans