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13 Powerful Psychological Forces That Make You Do Bad Things

Spite Is Good. Spite Works.

Why Everyone Thinks They’re Doing All the Work

Consciously getting out of your own egocentric head for a minute, then, seems to be a simple way to talk yourself down when you're about to throw a righteous indignation-fueled tantrum. ("Cool it there, Ms. Self-Centered," as Epley phrased it. "You're probably not the only one doing work.")

Elite athletes experience depression the same as the rest of us.

Walking away: the disengagement and de-radicalization of a violent right-wing extremist - Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression - #Riverparkpsych

Anxious about the election? Here’s some perspective.

This moment is not as unprecedentedly uncertain as it may seem.

New Documentary Pierces the Psychology of Modern Suicide Bombers

Syrian jihadists in Dugma: The Button - transform the ultimate act of self-sacrifice — dying for a cause — into a profoundly selfish act.

When Do Delusions Lead to Violence?

Turns out that there are psychological issues that affect how we waste food