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Orca's in Captivity live less than half as long as those in the wild on average. In the wild they can live 50-80 years. In captivity they're lucky to make it into their 20's

SeaWorld claims orcas live longer in captivity than they would in the wild...where are they getting their information? Wikipedia?

"One day we will have the ability to communicate with animals. They will ask us one question - Why?"

Challenge Japan to END Taiji Dolphin Hunt for Tokyo 2020 Olympic bid! This is Japan's 5th Olympic bid since 1964. They are very eager to be selected as the Host City to boost their economy after the devastating tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster. By challenging Tokyo's 2020 Olympic bid, it's a demonstration that the world is condemning the actions of this hunt & strives to end this savagery once & for all! PLZ Sign & Share!

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