Amazing beautiful embroidery with various stitch techniques. motleycraft-o-rama: From Richellephant


Embroidery stitches for flowers I love this site - lovely guide to easy flower embroideries! I made a t-shirt necklace embroidered with flowers inspired by this site!

Pinning this one for an idea for the sewers. A great way to teach embroidery on a simple and small piece. Lots of neat ideas. Make this as a "patch" and add it to a bag or something.

I love the bright colored fabric and thread, the gorgeous and varied stitches are artwork on their own!!  Must make this! (sue spargo)

I have a hard time just "sitting" and like to do SOMETHING when I am; I love the idea of "mini projects" that can eventually be made into something extraordinary, as well as practical. This is one of those ideas: embroidered quilt textile fabric art

Flowers embroidered on a textured, nubby green-grey/taupe background. The perfect wall-color to let the "stuff" pop.

LOVE these little embroidered flowers! The use of different stitches to achieve different textures and visual interest is great! Embroidery on Linen