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Screenshot from the short documentary “Facing the Flood” by 16 years old director Constantin Huet @chuet_ winner of #Action4Climate (14-17 age group) 2nd prize. The situation in the south of the Greenlandic Ice Cap is deteriorating. A global warming of the earth seems to threaten this area more than anywhere else in the world. As is the case for the inhabitants of the Maldivian islands, innocents who presently suffer the consequences of our pollution.

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This Greenland Glacier Flows Like Water Around Rock

Found in the northwest corner of Greenland, the Leidy Glacier faces a barrier as it meets the Olriks Fjord that it feeds into: rock. This image shows how, even for a giant, hulking slab of ice and rock, the path of least resistance is often the most favorable.

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland (includes Saami tribes) All of Scandinavia wears a common or similar dress largely influenced by Denmark and Germany because of centuries of shared rule by the Danes (greatly influenced by their German relatives to the south). Finland's dress is related to the Swedish a common heritage springing from nearly 600 years of Swedish rule.

Reindeer at risk from snow sport

Wild reindeer may face a new threat from the extreme sport of snow-kiting, a study has found. Scientists modelled reindeer's fright responses to both snow-kiting and skiing in an alpine area of south Norway. They found that reindeer were more afraid of snow-kiters because of the airborne kite. The study recommends that controls are put on the sport to prevent harm to wild reindeer.