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peach smoothie

(Summer) Peach Smoothie 2 cups fresh orange juice 1 cup peach greek yogurt 2 cups frozen sliced peaches 2 tablespoons raw honey or 1 tablespoon sugar 1 teaspoon nutmeg Blend all the ingredients until smooth.

Peaches and Cream Breakfast Smoothie : This smoothie is delicious! It's like drinking a pie.

Peaches and Cream Breakfast Smoothie

Unbelievable smoothie to start a busy morning and keep you going! This Peaches and Cream Breakfast Smoothie is made with juicy peaches, yogurt and almond milk.

Whip up a thick, creamy and nutritious Peaches and Cream Protein Smoothie in just minutes! With only about 200 calories in each giant serving, it's a healthy, clean, and satisfying breakfast or snack for summer's hottest days!

Peaches and Cream Protein Smoothie

This strawberry banana protein shake recipe is absolutely delicious, easy and healthy. Only 4 ingredients and takes 2 minutes to make!

Raspberry and Peach Smoothie

Raspberry and Peach Smoothie

Blackberry Peach Smo

Blackberry, Peaches

Watermelon Peach Spritzer

Watermelon Peach Spritzer

Non- Alcoholic Watermelon Peach Spritzer. An easy and refreshing drink that combines lemon-lime soda with watermelon and peaches. The perfect drink for a hot day!

Frozen peaches, green tea, Greek yogurt, and honey are blended together making the most delicious, frosty, and filling smoothie you'll make this summer!

Peach Green Tea Smoothie

Paleo Peach And Raspberry Lemonade....Ingredients 3 peaches, sliced 6 oz. raspberries 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice 6 cups cold water 3 tbsp. raw honey (optional)

Peach And Raspberry Lemonade

A refreshing fruity lemonade to cool off with on a hot afternoon - try it as an alternative to powdered drink mixes!

Two ingredient wine slushies. Mix up the fruit and the wine for your own spin!

Peach Wine Slushies

- Peach White Wine Slushies - Easiest recipe ever. Blend frozen peaches with a fruity white wine. I did a New Zealand Pinot Grigio. It was delicious and dangerous.

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