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This post in the Wanderlust Wednesday series will be a little shorter than the last two. By the end of my two week excursion from the east coast to the west coast and back to the east coast, I was burnt. Plus, if I am totally honest, I am not a huge fun of NYC... actually I generally dislike it... yep I said it! Queue the stampede of angry Yankees... But seriously, I've never understood the obsession with NYC. In the summer it's disgusting. Everything is smoldering hot and smells...

But seriously....Why aren't you pampering yourself. It is important to take time for you! You deserve it!!

English £20 ........ The queen was never a beauty but seriously ........ Is this the best portrait they could find for their currency ?!!!

Okay, but seriously, this is the sweetest thing a nerdy lady could ever get. (Hand-stamped by TheWindFish, $12.00 on Etsy)

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