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social media dangers

Pay attention while walking. Your FB status update can wait. (Have you seen the video of a journalist who ended up in the water cos she wasn't watching?

T Swift


she’s better known for thing that she does on the mattress. only Taylor Swift would think of a classy way to call someone a slut

Music quote

"Driving in the car with the windows down, music up, without a care in the world." One of the best feelings ever!

...sinking....                     down...                                  ...                                      ..........down

Bring Me The Horizon (Chelsea Smile) "We all carry these things inside that no one else can see. They hold us down like anchors, they drown us out at sea.

c a t h a r i n a

c a t h a r i n a

Love these types of quotes

To me he is perfect and wonderful and the cutest and he out shines all the others. To me he is iridescent!

You Are The Peanut To My Butter Love Of My by SnickerdoodleSigns

You are the peanut to my butter twinkle in my eye shake to my bake blue in my sky sprinkles on my sundae flip to my flop bumble to my bee jewel on my crown milk to my shake spring in my step beat of my heart love of my life

I have a strong desire to help improve the quality of leadership in churches and ministries, especially among the next generation of Christian leaders. My youngest son, Nate, who has already proven to be a great leader in the environments where he

I think the ability to see something like this is remarkable. To use the natural letterforms and find a way to represent the same word turned upside down is very genius. I wonder if something simple in terms of materials would work for our experimentations?

Another clever typography logo, the letters look like they are taking a turn, going in different directions.