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Fanny Bullock Workman (January 8, 1859 – January 22, 1925) was an American geographer, cartographer, explorer, travel writer, and mountaineer, notably in the Himalayas. She was one of the first female professional mountaineers; she not only explored but also wrote about her adventures. She set several women's altitude records, published eight travel books with her husband, and championed women's rights and women's suffrage.

Alexandra David-Néel in Tibet, 1933 (24 October 1868 – 8 September 1969), was a Belgian-French explorer, spiritualist, Buddhist, anarchist, and writer.

Lucy Walker, [1836 - 1961] first woman to climb the Matterhorn, Balmhorn, Wetterhorn, Lyskamm, and Piz Bernina. Lucy wore a white flannel dress, as Victorian women did, to undertake her alpine adventures. Also in this photo, seated, is her father Frank Walker, [unknown perhaps Lucy's brother], Melchior Anderegg, and Adolphus Warburton Moore.jpg

12 Historical Women Who Gave No F*cks These are just some of the women who, historically speaking, didn’t give a single f*ck.

Anna Leonowens ( The famous Anna from Anna and the King of Siam) Much of what she wrote was fiction. refer to this website for the fact and the fiction.

Miriam Amanda Wallace "Ma" Ferguson (June 13, 1875) was the first female Governor of Texas in 1925 (and the second female governor in the US). She held office until 1927, later winning another term in 1933 and serving until 1935.

Gertrude Bell. Mountaineer, linguist, intrepid explorer & consummate stateswoman. Her archaeology work is referenced by scholars today. Her extensive travels in Greater Syria, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor & Arabia made her an expert in languages & cultures. She helped establish the Hashemite dynasties in what is today Jordan as well as in Iraq, playing a major role in establishing & helping administer the modern state of Iraq, utilizing her travels & relations with tribal leaders in the Middle…

Charity Adams was one of the first women to be appointed to First Officer in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. Poster that reads, "Women! Answer America's Call, Serve in the W.A.A.C."

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