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Kabegami by ~katums996 on deviantART

::Amaterasu and the Satomi Warriors::.

.::Amaterasu and the Satomi Warriors::. - REMAKE by ~Teckningen on deviantART

Okami- Amaterasu and the Satomi Warriors::. - REMAKE by ~Teckningen on deviantART

Okami | Clover Studio | Capcom

Issun and Amaterasu From the game Ōkami.

Okami Amaterasu

Beautiful Okami wallpaper uploaded by wolf_reign - Okami

chibiterasu - Google Search

chibiterasu - Google Search

小夏屋 (@konatsu_ya) | Twitter

小夏屋 (@konatsu_ya) | Twitter

Okami - PlayStation 2

Okami - PlayStation 2 Okami - PlayStation 2

Okami Playstation 2 game on sale in great condition, tested works like new and backed by our 120 day warranty available for sale.

Amaterasu | by Dexter01992 on DeviantArt

A tribute to a game that i love. Okami, an old game for was able to give incredible feelings, especially with that amazing story. A tribute to Okami


Okami - I actually liked this game better than Zelda. The soundtrack for this game is also one of the best for video games.

Minnaloushe? by liselotte-eriksson on DeviantArt

cat and crescent, artist not given // luxury hippie stuff

Ōkami's Amaterasu and Oki (Wolf Form)

::Amaterasu and Oki::. by *the-real-shadow on deviantART

Amaterasu, White Wolves, Sun, Zelda, Video Games, Poses, Drawings, Videogames, White Wolf

Gekigami and Nuregami by Servaline.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Here are my two favourite young brush gods from Okamiden~ Gekigami and Nuregami

Okami by =AudioSonora on deviantART

This game is so amazing that I had to make a fan art for it. I messed up Amaterasu's anatomy a bit too much. D:" Second attempt at emulating Chines.

yukue - おてんとさまのみまもるくに

おてんとさまのみまもるくに Blessed by the Sun

Blessed by the Sun