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"Smiling always with a never fading serenity of countenance, and flourishing in an immortal youth." - Isaac Barrow

What Is Your Sixth Sense?

It's an amazing image of a girl in motion, the colour theme is very bright and striking. [Documenting in Colour] [Multiple Images]

Photography by Rosie Hardy -

Photography by Rosie Hardy

Rosie Hardy is a young English photographer based in Manchester, UK. Her photographs take us into amazing, mesmerizing and surreal. In recent years, the work of Rosie Hardy is increasingly recognized, including photographs taken for group Maroon 5 and The

Yet another entrance to Narnia! Every morning just before I open my closet door, I entertain a (now) not-so-secret hope. Narnia Graffiti in Vancouver, Canada.

( no powers or fandoms, open rp) I live in a town, nobody gets me and I have no friends. Except for one, and she gets me. The town I live in is dark and busy. Everybody does the same thing every day like machines. This is my view...... For now. I'm thinking of running away..... Tonight.

"Lately I've been losing sleep dreaming about the things that we could be." Counting Stars - One Republic Love this song

I love the smell of smoke. I think people who smoke are attractive. I just don't like when people stop what they are doing to have a smoke... Now that's not cool.

Blue Billie jewelry inspiration I love the smell of smoke. I think people who smoke are attractive. I just don't like when people stop what they are doing to have a smoke.


The Color Contrast between the clouds and the dark blue sky in this picture is very dramatic. I really like it for that reason though.

Sometimes you just have to jump into the water without thinking about it too much. You will swim, no matter what.

"But you're wearing a skirt". One of the phrases I hear the most! That's why I love this picture, because shes wearing a dress and she's going to take a dive anyway! Proving that you can do ANYTHING in a skirt!

I love this picture because it inspires me to explore and be adventurous. The low sun is inviting and stimulating and makes me want to try something new. The colors compliment the other images nicely and it is on theme.

“When you enter a forest, deep into a forest, and walk under very tall trees, you realize how.

consequential- following as a result or effect. The girls going into the tall grass in this photograph could have a consequential effect.

Famous Quotes on Images (Part 5)

I remember running through fields and laying on the grass - and there were NO TICKS! I never heard of a tick when I was a kid, now they're everywhere and in great numbers.

Defying Gravity Pictures – Conceptual Photography you are now leaving the room ESCAPISM

Gravity Defying Pictures - Conceptual Photography