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The Funeral of Bruce Banner

A collection of Marvel comic book artwork from the golden age of comics to the present.

It bothers me that they breach the Marvel/DC barrier, but these are still awesome ^.^

Creatively Silhouetted Posters of Superheroes Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and Batman.

The Hulk facts

I don't want to see a Planet Hulk movie. I'd rather see Marvel do a down to earth Hulk movie featuring Rick, Marlo and the return of the Leader. And maybe the introduction of his cousin and his father.

The Incredible Hulk #206, december 1976, cover by Dave Cockrum.

The Incredible Hulk December, 1976 Dave Cockrum Cover Art. Hulk goes leaping from Nevada to Manhattan, New York to find his friend Doctor Strange and ask him to use his magic and save Jarella.

MARVEL COMICS JUNE 2018 Solicitations

MARVEL COMICS JUNE 2018 Solicitations

imthenic:   Furious hulk by pant  - Geek Art.... • And Now For Something Completely Different

Furious Hulk by pant in Marvel Comics Superheroes: Showcase of Colorful Fan Artworks. Part 1

Portrait Comic Hulk par Siolo Thompson ^_^ http://siolothompson.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/comic-book-portraits.html

This might be one of the coolest pieces of The Hulk art ever. Shawn will want!

Batman Vs. The Incredible Hulk

DC Special Series Vol 1 27

Batman Vs The Incredible Hulk, Fall cover by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

You can find this and other prints on the following site: http://www.etsy.com/people/Posterinspired

Creatively Silhouetted Posters of Superheroes

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Marvelous Facts<<Loki survived it though <- he's an Asgardian. he was thrown around by the Hulk, not hit directly.