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This total body at-work workout is meant to keep your body active during your workday and to help fight off any negative effects that sitting has on your body.

Make a new goal this week and complete this 5 Minute Office Workout every day! #officeworkouts #workouts #weightloss

Office Workout by Neila Rey | The corporate version of the jailhouse workout routine. How many hours a day are you confined to a cubicle to resort to this bit of hamster wheelery. Besides, who has chairs without wheels and cushion, gah

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▶ Quick Office Workout for Sexy Abs | Autumn Fitness - YouTube (5 moves you can do with your office chair)

This post found under the search "fitspiration" is a positive post that promotes health. It is realistic in that exercise is beneficial for other areas of your life than just how your body looks. It helps you to feel more awake and aware.

Avoiding exercise during your workday because it's time-consuming? No more excuses! With the 25-minute office workout, you won't even have to change your clothes or shower.

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