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Clinicians, if you read anything today, read this: A case of total body contact dermatitis of unknown etiology, hives and dysgraphia. Ellen found my practice after listening to a podcast I did on allergic disease with Dr. Amy Meyers for her Autoimmune Summit. It’s at times like these that I’m glad I do outreach of…

So if you’re curious to know whether you’re already exhibiting symptoms of excess toxicity, take this short questionnaire!

Methylation – What’s all the fuss? Methylation is a process that happens in every cell of our body. Here are some of the ways we use methylation:

“The fact that many fish [in the ocean around Fukushima, Japan] are just as contaminated today with cesium 134 and cesium 137 as they were more than one year ago implies that cesium is still being released into the food chain."

Dr. Seyfried has dedicated his career to changing the way we think about- and therefore treat- cancer. Going back to Otto Warburg and others

A patient was in my office the other day explaining that she’s gotten rid of all her plastic cookware, purchased new pots and pans and wooden cooking utensils. “I am going crazy thinking about all the toxins and what to do!” she said, “It keeps me up at night!” After expressing my admiration for her…

Connecting the Dots: A Functional Medicine Approach to Treating Hypertension

Autism Spectrum Disorders with Julie Matthews