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goodbye-jawnlock: “ irishbanter: “ Ireland text posts ” I never see posts about Ireland on my dash ” I can confirm that all of the above is truth.

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You should hear the manatee's side of this story. << One day I was just casually bathing in the sun like one does and then something SAT on me so I started swimming away and that's the story of how I became a horse for some over excited tourist


Ach this is just so funny and cute and it's too late for me to for sentences


Actually this is really cool, because when you try to make a situated better and it just gets worse it called "the cobra effect". India Britain cobra effect


Funnily enough this happened in the book Uglies and they actually customized how they wanted to look when they hit a certain age

SO tough on crime, you guys: | Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Tumblr Posts About Canadian Stereotypes

SO tough on crime, you guys:

see i used to doubt canadian steryotypes and then i read stuff written by canadians

Okay then...

Tumblr Wumblr 93

How stupid. Just throw tjem a really extremely spicy pepper and then walk up to tjem and jand them a glass of vinegar and watch them slowly die.

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This bug needs her garden Home back, where her heart feels safe and loved.

Have you been talking to Logan?

Have you been talking to Logan?<<< was that a Thomas sanders reference *squints* yep it was