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Here's another beautiful DIY chicken coop design, sporting a multicolored paint job and a rather large outdoor exercise area. The white picket fence is the adorable detail that ties it all together.

backyard chicken coop       backyardchickens.com by flora

I want to raise fancy chickens in this fancy coop in my backyard. Yep, I have a thing for fancy chickens, now you know.

chicken coop idea

5 gallon bucket nesting boxes - nice idea with the buckets, but she also seems to have a lot of great info on raising chickens in general

Splashy chicken coop kits in Garage And Shed Farmhouse with Rain Barrels next to Hens And Chicks alongside Slant Roof and Hanging Tools

Interesting article about urban chicken coops. farmhouse garage and shed Urban Coop Tour Atlanta

Chicken coop by CarolinaCoops on Etsy, $3500.00 - gorgeous. maybe there's a way to build something like this for much less

Splashy chicken coop kits in Exterior Craftsman with Hens And Chicks next to Chicken Run alongside Cat House and Chicken Roost Ladder Credit to Carolina Coops

Covered Chicken Dustbath~great idea to keep it from turning into a "mudbath" area, lol!

Chicken Dustbath & Feeder Shelter ~ This is what I need to help keep their food dry!


I love the little fenced in area.but that is the most beautiful chicken coop I have ever seen!

DIY Chicken Coops - 15 Inspiring Designs - Bob Vila

Chick Magnets: 15 Irresistible DIY Chicken Coops

Attractive backyard farm setup from Williams-Sonoma makes raising your own chickens easy

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Wichita Cabin Coop - Boise Adaptation Many thanks to the Baldessari Clan for posting the photos of their Wichita Cabin Coop.

Everything you need to do to keep and take care of Chickens

Do you love the thought of having fresh eggs every day and as much free manure for your garden as you want?