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Reigisa~this fandom will gonna any way to prove reigisa...and I'm completely on board with this ship

not a thing, sorry but you can see his arm. he's gropping the red head guy. (i've never seen an episode of Free so i apologise for not knowing that.

Nagisa 50% off.  I love at the end of this gif, and this part of the abridged, Thugisa pulls out a knife.

Note to ALLI: I guess there is a separate free bridged thing that someone made that makes funny subtitles maybe?

Free - Nagisa and Rei. The second expression is him looking at Nagisa like he is the most beautiful thing in the world, and it kills me.

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ES ~~ Yes, this is perfect. The pairing would be nice, too, if a certain seme can stop obsessing over the uke who got away back-in-the-day. :: Sosuke and Aiichiro ///ship names guys. (so-cheer-o)