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Explore Withdrawal Help, Addiction Withdrawal and more! A project to inform public & professionals about the risks of consuming psychiatric medications such as antidepressants/benzodiazepines/neuroleptiques, addiction, withdrawal, help & alternative methods/treatments.

Painkiller addictions worst drug epidemic in US history

"Painkiller addictions worst drug epidemic in US history. Fatal overdoses have reached epidemic levels, exceeding those from heroin and cocaine combined, according to the CDC."

James McGilvary watched as his strapping, healthy, 245-pound athletic 19-year old son deteriorated in body, mind, and spirit after falling prey to the so-called “Pill Mills.” In what seemed like no time, his son was down to 165 pounds, and so weakened by his dependence on these vicious drugs that he could not eat, could not sleep and could not work. Finally, he was arrested on charges of stealing to support his drug habit, and imprisoned.


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Medication and Mass Shootings: When The Remedy Is The Cause

Did you know that FIVE of the top ten most violence inducing drugs are antidepressants? Would it surprise you to learn that about one quarter of depressed individuals actually do worse when prescribed antidepressants instead of a placebo? Great post by @Mommypotamus