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The Secret Society of Super Villains (last issue): Two SSOSV teams existed, one battled the JSA and the other was formed to fight the Freedom Fighters.

Forget the old -The NEW Wonder Woman is HERE!

When DC comics revamped Wonder Woman in because Denny O'Neal and Mike Sekowsky loved the British TV series the Avengers. WW aka Diana Prince became more like Diana Rigg aka Emma Peel.

Lady Liberty comic - Google Search

Lady Liberty comic - Google Search

Infinity, Inc. #10 (1984 series) - cover by Jerry Ordway

Infinity, Inc. Infinity Inc takes on the Stream of Ruthlessness-influenced Justice Society members in the lair of the Ultra-Humanite in the conclusion of their inaugural tale!

The Marvel Family

I love the Captain Marvel redesign. I would love to see a good Marvel Family like this.