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Yes people suck....agreed.... But sharks are terrifying and people aren't   Just the facts

Here is the thing

the quote is so true sharks are not bad people get killed more by dogs then a shark stop killing the sharks please they are the most incredible animals in the ocean.

Photo Art

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I've had a few of these show up at work in the cash register. Quite interesting to see.

I figured I'd help the mint a little bit. I made this with Indian Ink, PrismaColor and to much free time. Natives on currency.

16 Hilarious Smartass Response Pics

This is amazing. Made me laugh way too hard!

Der Spiegel (Germany) “Its the end of the world as we know it” NewTrump cover Der Spiegel magazine Click here for more covers Der Spiegel on Coverjunkie

Accuse me of rationalizing or reconciling in a desperate attempt to rescue my soul from the deep pit of despair in which it has wallowed for the last four days, but it& actually better that Trump won. Considering the closeness and extreme.

You are living. You occupy space.  You have a mass.  You matter.  #laughter #Einstein #humor  =8-O!

Science for my kiddies: An inspirational pun. Albert Einstein "You are living, you occupy space, you have a mass, you matter.