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Mrs. Harkness and the Panda won the Cybils for Nonfiction Picture Book

In Ruth Harkness had never seen a panda bear. Not many people in the world had. But soon the young Mrs. Harkness would inherit an expedition from her explorer husband: the hunt for a panda.

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Royal Panda and Polar Bear Cases

These handy pocket cases are decorated with quirky panda or polar bear illustrations.

S'il vous plaît, M. Panda de Steve Antony FR E ANT M. Panda a une douzaine de beignes qu'il offre gentiment à ses amis. L'un après l'autre, les animaux répondent en indiquant leurs exigences, mais ils n'obtiennent rien! En revanche, lorsque le lémurien dit «S'IL VOUS PLAÎT», il a une belle surprise. Une leçon de politesse pleine d'esprit. Après tout, lorsqu'on est poli, on peut tout recevoir.

Panda by Steve Anthony A panda bear is on a mission of manners in Please, Mr. When he offers a variety of creatures a doughnut from his box, they all act like.

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26 Exceptional Nonfiction Books for Kids

This land was made for you and me : the life & songs of Woody Guthrie

This Land Was Made for You and Me: The Life and Songs of Woody Guthrie - Elizabeth Partridge

If You Were a Panda Bear

If You Were a Panda Bear by Wendell and Florence Minor. Pictures and rhyming text present some of the many extraordinary things bears can do. Includes facts about bears as well as related websites.

Kids love to chew, smack and pop gum so why not read about it? This nonfiction book appeals to a K-3 audience with the fascinating history of bubble gum.

Kids love to chew, smack and pop gum so why not read about it? This nonfiction book appeals to a audience with the fascinating history of bubble gum. Crites this would go great with that craft/writing project that you just pinned!

Recommended for Preschool through 2nd grade. "Amazingly, after finding a plentiful food source, a bee returns to the hive to share the food location with a simple flying and shaking pattern."  Click the cover for more of this GoodReads review.

Bee Dance by Rick Chrustowski (June A nonfiction picture book about bees with short, simple text and lots of information about bee behavior. Pair this with any of your favorite bee books and be sure to do Here is the Beehive as a fingerplay.

Mars robot

Free Image on Pixabay - Mars, Mars Rover, Space Travel

The Mighty Mars Rovers by Elizabeth Rusch. Take a trip to Mars with two small robots – Spirit and Opportunity. Designed to collect data for just three months, the two robots far exceeded NASA’s expectations, and Opportunity is still going strong. J RUS