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Haha my blue eyes

Haha my blue eyes

Wolf. Key Messages: Protection, Teaching, Hierarchy. Affirmation: I trust the universe and know that I am safe and protected at all times.

Gray Wolf Wolves are one species of dog. Wolf used to live in the woods, region and in the regions of snow meadow. Wolves hunt in packs, .

The eyes, after all, are the windows to the soul. . . . . #CiciB #thecrimsonkiss #writersofig

I'm a broken woman but someday my eyes are going to tell a different story.

soul mate vs love of your life

One is a choice and one is not. The key is to keep choosing even though the choice is already made for you. You don't choose your soulmate. You are destined for them.

& once you find good music, music that YOU like! Not whats most popular on the web right NOW. Music from before or from artists that aren't as well-known, you'll find good music everywhere!

this photo reminds me of how I see music through my eyes. I like how the piano is in the eye and how the music notes are incorporated on her skin.

White and blue.

I have been trying to pick eyes that are either beautiful unusual or seem to want to tell you a story if you look for it. These eyes are beautiful and there is something in her eyes. I feel a story or a deep thought I wish I knew it.

how souls catch on fire.

I will creepily maintain eye contact with everyone I see today. And watch their souls catch fire just as the non- existant sexyness of my soulful eyes comes through and captivates them.

I"ve already pinned this picture but for those of you who don't know, Rick Riordian, buddy, just said that Piper had mismatched eyes! WHAT!?

look at her eyes.in fact her whole face is perfect. I love dark hair and then light eyes! It really makes the eyes stand out