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packIQ is a leading supplier of new and re-usable steel racking, wooden crates, bulk bins, and totes used throughout the manufacturing process for material handling, shipping and storage.

Vista Packaging Solutions the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Food Industries with Biodegradable plastic squeeze tube requirements.

To offer you industry-leading packaging solutions, Accutek offers technical support, on-site and over the phone. So, whether it's a new purchase or repairing, get first rate assistance always.

At Accutek, we claim to offer high quality packaging solutions. Our wide range of equipment includes filling machines, capping machines, packaging machines, or more!

Get solutions to any kind of packaging requirement ranging from sealing plastic pouches, fixing caps on bottled products and filling products into containers at Accutek Packaging that manufactures and sells a wide variety of packaging machines.

RePak (Plywood Boxes) REPAK (PLYWOOD BOXES) Nefab RePak is a reusable packaging solution recommended for heavy or bulky goods. The combination of plywood and steel profiles creates a strong and rigid packaging solution that is light weight and easy to handle.

UEFA Champions League Competition Club Manual - a creative packaging solution produced by Cedar Packaging

Scottish FA Fans Membership Pack - a creative packaging solution produced by Cedar Packaging

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