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Kali Yantra. For thousands of years, yantras have been used in the Tantric tradition as visual metaphors for the body of the divine. As expressions of devotion and contemplation, they are similar to Tibetan mandalas in that meditation upon them is tantamount to returning to the primordial fiat of one’s being. Because yantras are comprised of archetypal geometric forms and shapes, they are believed to offer liberation from bondage.

Click To Discover The Meaning Of Your Life-Number, ➰ This is the Sri Yantra, one of the oldest and most powerful symbols. Its the Hindu symbol for Creativity and Enlightenment. It is conceived as a place of spiritual pilgrimage. It represents the cosmos at the macrocosmic level and the human body at the microcosmic level 〰each of the circuits correspond to a chakra of the body.

Chakra Mandala, 16" x 47" commissioned by Peace Through Yoga, Danville, IN. Jamie Locke -

As the most significant of all the symbols in sacred geometry, the Flower of Life is encoded with the blue-print for all creation; containing within it the proportions of every single aspect of life there is. Four yantra banner includes the symbols: flower of life, metatrons cube, sahashara and sri yantra.

Goddess Durga Yantra Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Soulscapes - Healing Art

Vitality Sun Yantra = Goddess Durga Yantra This is the perfect symbol when you need to be reminded of your vibrant and endless nature. Each of us hold boundless and bold energy – most of us can't even fathom how beautiful and endless our energy is! This symbol is a tribute to the energetic sprit within each of us. When focused upon, we are called to recognize our inner fire, and embrace the energy that naturally flows from us.

energy healing infused picture, Images like sound also have a vibrational effect on our fields and environment. Surround our self with positive people, sounds and images.