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victoriousvocabulary: “ HARIOLATE [verb] to divine; to foretell; to predict the future; to practise divination, soothsay, prophecy. Etymology: from Latin hariolātus, “foretold, prophesied”. [Daniel...

victoriousvocabulary: “ WELLAWAY [interjection] Archaic: used to express sorrow. Etymology: Middle English we(i)lawei, Old English weilāwei (wei

FIDEISM [noun] the doctrine that knowledge depends on faith or revelation. Etymology: from Latin fidēs, “faith”.[Daniel Martin Diaz - Mystery of Faith]

We bring to your attention works of the artist and musician Daniel Martin Diaz. He draws a CD covers for music bands. In addition, he designed a wall in th

Mystic Illustrations: Nicomi Nix Turner and Four Other Artists Illustrate The Occult - Beautiful/Decay Artist & Design