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Glass Coffin,Waiting beautiful, even in death, that the dwarfs could not find it in their hearts to bury her...they fashioned a coffin of glass and gold, and kept eternal vigil at her side

No WONDER that never made any bloody sense! Chick goes and lives in the woods with seven dudes?! Your stepmother( who talks to a mirror, BTW) tries to KILL you because you look better than her?? A senior citizen shows up out the blue with an apple, not once but TWICE?! AND YOU EAT THEM?! Let's not even get into the whole glass coffin, thing shall we? I was 5 and knew better, ijs...

Magical Fairytales - Eugenio Recuenco (10 photos)

Snow White by Eugenio Recuenco: Snow White's triple seeming-death and resurrection, beyond an amusement or wish-fulfilling temporary escape, fulfills the initiatory process of life, as Mircea Eliade described it: "What is called 'initiation' coexists with the human condition, reaffirms the ultimate religious significance of life and the real possibility of a 'happy ending.'”