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All of those movies were abominations (and let's not forget DragonBall Z's "movie") but seriously now, Last Airbender takes the cake.

Skottie Young: Nightmare Before Rogue One

Supernatural. --but to be a nerd about it: if you follow through the natural rotation of your shoulder will allow you to draw a perfect circle every time.

US Vax Court Sees 382% Spike in Vaccine Injuries *****UNBELIEVABLE! Although I first read about some of this info in EVIDENCE OF HARM by David Kirby, fabulous book. My son had recently been diagnosed with ASD, so frankly I could not finish reading. I'm a Mom and a Doc and it's time we unite and stop this before it's beyond our contri...!

Please, On Your support! - Already there have been improvements and progress in this situation problems in my life Let us praise and thank Christ for that But let us continue to pray for these needs and problems in my life to complete victory Let us pray the Lord to call and inspire more His prayer warriors to get involved and join in prayer for these my needs and problems I want to confess my sins to you and before God At night I happened to fall into masturbation and at the day also…